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It's My Album Flower Box

About us

“Any fool can be happy. It takes a man with real heart to make beauty out of the stuff that makes us weep.”

IT’S MY ALBUM is an authentic fine art photo albums brand launched in 2013, Riga, Latvia and now located in London, UK. Inspired by special moments in our lives, we’ve decided to make individual handmade photo albums to capture these moments forever. Using high-quality paper, book covers and ink we make wedding albums and photo books that will give your memories a chance to live a long life. Our key is in making every album individually for you, without using ready templates of collages, because every story is different and every memory is unique. Receiving your album, we want you to realize that “IT’S MY ALBUM”.



Up to 72 30x30cm album pages

We offer photo books and wedding albums sized 30x30cm. Pages quantity vary from 40 to 72 pages, 19 to 35 full spreads.

Unlimited corrections

Your album will live a long life in your family, that’s why we will make as many corrections, as you want, just to make it perfect.


Wedding album or photo book price starts from 200 eur per one. Price vary depending on order quantity, pages quantity, cover material and other extra accessories.

Simple working process

Firstly, you choose your album specifications. Then you send your pictures. After that, we create preview files with album spreads. Then we make corrections if you want something to change. After all files acceptation, we create the album.

Wedding accessories

There is an opportunity to order wedding invitations, couple logo, table name cards, menu design, etc.

Worldwide shipping and Delivery

Order delivery is free in Riga, Latvia. Delivery fee to other cities and countries depends on your location.



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    Welcome to It’s My Album homepage!

    April 11, 2017

    We are proud to welcome you to our redesigned website. This is our first welcome post, so few words about our homepage. Here you’ll find a lot of useful information, our...

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You are miracle masters!!! The album is gorgeous! There are no words to describe all the emotions we had after opening the box and looking through the album, only goosebumps from such beauty! This is exactly what we wanted. Thank you very much, you made our dream come true. I advise IT'S MY ALBUM to everyone.

Alina Lisica-Papushina

Jau mūsu Lielās dienas plānošanas procesā zinājām, ka gribam mūsu skaistās atmiņas redzēt fotogrāmatas veidolā. Vēlēto saņēmām un neesam to nožēlojuši. Dizainere ir paveikusi savu darbu godam. Mūsu grāmata glabā mūsu Lielās dienas stāstu skaistākajās nokrāsās.

Viktorija Mironova Ruse

В жизни каждого человека случаются события за повторение которых мы готовы отдать любые деньги. Что бы хоть на чуть-чуть, на мгновение окунуться в пережитые ощущения и чувства любви, наполненности и счастья!! Спасибо, что подарили нам возможность снова и снова окунаться в наше счастье "того дня", листая свадебную книгу!

Марина Москалика



Contact us

Don`t be shy and contact us.

We will gladly respond to all your questions and requests for individual orders.

132 Brivibas iela, Riga, Latvia

+371 26 101 473